• Thera-Clean Micro-Bubble Technology at Love Fur Dogs!

  • We are now the only facility within hundreds of miles to have a Thera-Clean Microbubble machine – and it is already giving us fantastic results! Pure, gentle, simple – only water and air, so safe it can go into the eyes and ears – this deepest of all possible cleans actually penetrates below the skin surface into pores and hair follicles. The microscopic bubbles with their negative ion charge attach themselves to any foreign material – fungus, bacteria, dander, allergens, skunk oils, infections, etc. – and literally float them away.

    We have already seen dogs we have been grooming for years with chronic skin problems, who now have clean, healthy, normal skin again. Fungal infections gone. Bacterial infections gone. Allergies no longer impacting skin and coat. And those pesky skunk attacks cleaned away in one single treatment in most cases.

    Our Thera-clean machine was a huge investment for us – part of our commitment to be the best at what we do, and offer cutting edge solutions for your pet. The minor additional cost added on to your grooming doesn’t compare to the long term savings on vet bills, medications, and discomfort for your pet.

    But your pet doesn’t have to have skin problems to benefit. Normal, healthy dogs and cats can greatly benefit from microbubble treatments as well. Delivering the cleanest skin and coat possible, everyone in the family is happier when your pet looks and feels the best of his or her life.

    Watch video footage at www.Thera-Clean.com. Check out before and after photos of one our micro-bubble miracles on Twitter under #SavingMsBetsy.

    Look it up! This amazing technology is already being explored in human skin cancer research for its wonderful benefits. We even have a human client with alopecia who is beginning to benefit from treatments.

    Call 847-LUV-DOGS today and make your appointment for the best clean of your pet’s life.