• Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins at Love Fur Dogs is the Best Dog Groomer in Chicagoland, BEST OF CHICAGOLAND, Chicago Magazine! “Owner Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins—one of the first certified master groomers in the nation—combines nearly four decades of experience and a gentle touch to treat your pup to what’s likely to be the best do of his life. A favorite of pet parents and vets on the North Shore and beyond, Bishop-Jenkins knows her way around all kinds of coats, and she adjusts her cuts based on each dog’s needs.” – Chicago Magazine (Reprinted with permission)

    100% improvement in our Shih Tzu Max’s chronic awful foot fungal infection after Love Fur Dog’s amazing microbubble treatments. And such a common condition! His feet have been so bad for so long, he had become depressed, unwilling to move around on them, they were painful and bloody. Now he is walking again, jumping back to normal activity. The friendly, caring staff has really helped our beloved dog who was truly suffering. THANK YOU! – Lydia W.Highland Park

    My Bichon Frise Annie and I could not wait for the opening of the newest dog grooming studio on the North Shore of Chicago, Love Fur Dogs! The owner has been our cherished groomer for several years. Jennifer and her staff specialize in giving the most fabulous groom I could have ever imagined with a level of loving care that you will not find anywhere else. I used to have to ‘pull’ Annie into the old groomer. She viewed it as punishment, shaking and fearful of the experience. It was painful to watch. Now, when she sees Jennifer, she is excited and goes with her willingly, which gives me great comfort. She comes home happy and beautiful, looking like a show dog! It is wonderful to have such a professional, locally owned dog groomer. I will never go anywhere else. I cannot tell you how much it means to our family to have a groomer that we trust. Thank you, Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins! – Jennifer B, Wilmette

    Jennifer Jenkins, CMG, is our family’s go-to, trusted groomer. She is excellent with all types of dogs. I would highly recommend her to anyone here on the North Shore looking for a great groomer, one who is dedicated to detail and excellence. – Wilson M, Winnetka

    Jennifer’s gift is not only with dogs but also with truly understanding what is important to a pet owner: that our dogs be treated gently and as individuals. Our senior-citizen smooth collie, Sylvia, comes home from Jennifer’s relaxed and almost prancing. I think she knows exactly how gorgeous she looks. – Delia F, Glencoe

    FAMILY owned. Love animals and love their jobs. Very friendly! This place gets an A+ in my book.  They really do care about your dog! The owner is great and you can tell she is such an animal lover! Not to mention the price for the service they provide is very reasonable and less expensive than most other places! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who cares about the quality of the grooming their pets receive! – Jane B, Winnetka

    My seven year old Westie “Jack” had one of the best, if not the best groom/clip ever! So glad they are close by in Hubbard Woods. Everyone on site was friendly & professional. Congratulations to this great business. – Joan B, Glencoe

    We took our puppy to Love Fur Dogs yesterday and were DELIGHTED with the entire experience.  Friendly, knowledgeable owner and staff, loving environment and wonderful results.  We will be returning!  Love watching our girl prance around the house – she knows she looks great. – Megan C, North Shore Resident

    HOORAY!  FINALLY!  A high service, customer focused, trained groomer comes to the North Shore!  What a difference! Love Fur Dogs is a refreshing contrast in a North Shore grooming salon!  Jennifer is an International Certified Master Groomer….  AND, together with her husband Bill… She is  setting a new standard for the level of customer service and quality in our area.  Both the people and the dogs in our family are very happy! Their team is polite, accommodating and very professional.  They are highly focused on service and convenience. For example they have a taxi service if you can’t get Fido to or from their shop!  If you do go to the shop, you will see a well designed, light filled space and can easily observe the grooming area.  You can see the team people who look like they really enjoy working with animals that are clearly being well cared for and respected. – Lisa M, North Shore Resident

    I have an 11 year old Havanese who has had skin/allergy problems his whole life. We had tried everything – pills, shampoos, special drs – and never got very far. Then my vet suggested we try a spa bath at Love Fur Dogs. I was skeptical but tried it anyway. It was reasonably priced – less than I had been paying [elsewhere] and in two weeks, after two baths, Rocky looked like a new dog. All his sores were gone and all his bald spots were growing in. He doesn’t scratch any more and he doesn’t smell. It was almost like a miracle. I would not believe the difference if I had not seen it with my own eyes. – Maxine R, North Shore Resident

    First timer! I loved the groomer! She’s was all about the love for my beloved dog. As soon as she met my dog and picked her up -my little one sensed her love and calmed down ( as I did). She did a wonderful job in her grooming and even called me at home to see how Betty was and if I was happy with her work. Who does that? You will not be disappointed! – Cheryl M, North Shore Resident

    Absolutely loved bringing my baby pug here for her first grooming experience. They know exactly how to treat all animals and did an amazing job with Emmy (my pug). She loves it there! – Avery W, North Shore Resident

    I cannot say enough good things about our first groom at Love Fur Dogs yesterday. My little Yorkie, Drake, got the exact hair cut I asked Jennifer for and came back in excellent spirits (unusual for this high strung yorkie!) Jennifer did a great job, and Drake came back smelling amazing as opposed to smelling like strong perfume (the usual fresh groomed smell). So glad they are now in the neighborhood! – Shale H, North Shore Resident

    I have two wild Siberian Huskies. Jennifer groomed and maintained [and de-shed them and their] difficult, endless under-coats!! I was beyond impressed by the energy and cleanliness of Love Fur Dogs – Jennifer, as well as her daughter, were warm and welcoming and can’t wait to return! – Rachel L, Palatine

    I read about Love Fur Dogs in Chicago Magazine’s Best of Chicagoland issue. I called to see if they groom cats- as one of my cats was matted. Jennifer, the owner, not only told me she was certified to groom cats but she would make a housecall to clip her. She was great! I have a difficult cat and Jennifer handled it so professionally! She clipped my other cat’s nails, too. Now I have a happy cat and I’m so thrilled to have someone I can call on to help me groom my kitties. – Ilene R, Northfield

    “I” Love Fur Dogs.  Today my Samoyed (12 weeks old) Bix got his first grooming here.   Bix looks great – and smells even better! Such a great place and so glad I found them. Jennifer even knew about Samoyeds, not a typical grooming job! The dogs all seemed so happy at this open and well run facility.  We’ll be back! [Later] My 16 week Samoyed puppy got into the fireplace last night – UGH!  I called Love Fur Dogs and they had me bring Bix in at 8:00PM for a quick bath and cleanup.  This is definitely above and beyond!  Then they found some ticks (I live in the woods on the ravines)  so they took care of that immediately.  They are loving, conscientious, great service, and reasonable prices. – Cynthia G, Highland Park

    Great place and pretty good prices.  Brought my dog In to be de-skunked and they gave her the whole shebang (real bath, grooming, nails, etc)…[T]hey are really into dogs – in a good way. – Judd H, Winnetka

    So incredibly happy! Same price as my old groomer- way better cut. – Margaret R, Wheeling

    I took my Scottish terrier (know as being difficult dogs to groom) to Love Fur Dogs. They not only gave her a beautiful true Scotty cut (never really had one before at the “big box” groomers) but were able to trim her nails! No groomer before has been able to touch her nails as Scotties are so fussy about their feet. Jennifer and her staff were so friendly and helpful and made my anxious terrier feel comfortable. She arrived nervous and left relaxed. Thanks Jennifer and staff. See you again soon! – Carol C, Winnetka

    I brought my golden doodle in . . . He had been given a very poor cut by another groomer. In a few hours, they transformed him into a really handsome guy. They are certified master groomers and couldn’t be nicer to the dogs and the clients. – Dorothy O, Winnetka

    Love Fur Dogs has an amazing, friendly environment. I was first introduced to this company by my friend . . . I was able to meet Jennifer, the owner of Love Fur Dogs, who clearly was passionate about pet grooming. She is a very nice lady and I felt that I could trust her with my own dog, a very cute and sweet Pekingese dog. Jennifer and her team of groomers did not disappoint. Bobo was extremely calm and relaxed throughout the whole grooming process; he was even wagging his tail! They thoroughly cleaned him, dried him, and brushed his fur out till it was smooth and silky. They also gave him the absolute cutest cut. My dog has never been groomed better! I would highly recommend Love Fur Dogs to anyone who owns a dog or a cat. Jennifer truly is a master groomer and I will be coming back again for sure. – Sofia G, Morton Grove