• Doggie Daycare!

  • By Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, ICMG

    Only less than a year in business, we were proud to announce an expansion to our space at 69 Green Bay Rd, Glencoe, IL, in the Hubbard Woods Plaza Shopping Center, to include a huge doggie daycare. The buildout was completed in summer 2015 and is now happily full of playing packs of pups!

    Taking advantage of the change in space of our mall neighbor to the north, we opened two new sections to Love Fur Dogs  – almost 1500 new square feet of space, including an expanded drying room upstairs and dog day care space in the new basement section.

    This gives me a chance to talk about one of our lesser known but highly valuable services: Doggie Daycare! We will take care of your dog all day for you while you work, run errands, or have visitors in your home that having a dog might interfere with.

    We already have quite a few regular day boarders – the most familiar face is Rudy, a gorgeous Sheltie whose Mom and Dad are two of the kindest, smartest, most loving people I have ever had the privilege to meet. Rudy loves the Doggie Treadmill that we have that in our basement daycare area. He took to it like a fish to water. The treadmill, along with walks, cuddles, play with packmates, treats and water, give Rudy a very stimulating and fun day.



    Rudy gets along so well with the dogs that belong to staff at Love Fur Dogs that are there with him most days, especially my Quinta, the Australian Shepherd. These two love each other so that they are “sleeping” together – cuddling on a dog bed during naps!

    Or you might see some of our other daycare regulars who love to play ball in friendly groups – Maizie and Custard, the Golden Doodles, or the growing giant Teddy the Bernouvier puppy. Always friendly is Bodhi the Bichon mix, or our three adorable Tibetanese Maggie, Bella, and Melrose! Trudy and Rocket the Shepherd Mix rescues love to play, and Max and Wally the Yorkie/Silky mixes are among our smaller regulars. We will help your dog find the perfect playmates.

    We have regular day boarders ranging from puppy Shih Tzus to large Golden Retrievers. And all have a great day and go home happy, tired, and well cared for.

    While village zoning prohibits us from boarding animals overnight, our newly larger space makes Love Fur Dogs a VERY convenient and accessible place to drop your pet for daytime pup-sitting. We are only a block from the Hubbard Woods Train Station that heads into Chicago each day. We are steps from major shopping destinations like Walgreens. Combined with our Pet Taxi Pickup and Delivery services, we provide a very convenient alternative to leaving your dog at home alone. And if your Dog is with us for grooming, but you don’t have time to come pick them up right when they are finished, your Dog has a wonderful place to stay for a while.

    And our prices are lower than traditional doggie daycares that occupy much larger industrial spaces. Discount packages available for “frequent flyers”. Whatever your Doggie Daycare needs may be, your Best Friend will be safe, exercised, well-cared for, entertained, and socialized while you go about your busy day.

    Our new basement space has a spacious exercise indoor yard, and a separate indoor relief area. Staff supervises group and individual play all day long! All dogs have beds, walks, treats and care. We have new Boutique Doggie bedrooms for naps that are roomy, private, safe and comfortable.

    Our facility is a great alternative to your dog resting mostly at home all day long. Dogs that spend the day with us come home happily exhausted and well exercised. If your dogs is older or has special needs, or does not get along well with the active sometimes over-stimulating play of some dog daycare facilities, our large private suites will provide a comfortable safe place for your best friend.

    Our attentive staff will always be on hand to play ball and interact with your pet, reinforce training if you wish, deliver treats and medications, exercise them on the treadmill, make sure they are relieved, fed and watered.

    So check out our new space, and if we can care for your dog for the day, give us a call 847-LUV-DOGS