• New Customers

  • We welcome new customers every day at Love Fur Dogs! Please call 847-LUV-DOGS to set up your first appointment!

    We require the legal owner to bring the pet personally for the first grooming or daycare appointment, or preliminary “meet and greet”. There you can complete all release paperwork and bring your veterinary vaccination paperwork for our state and county mandated record-keeping.

    Daycare clients are required to bring their dog for an interview and assessment with our Daycare director before their first day of daycare attendance. Call 847-LUV-DOGS to set this up.

    You can download and/or read our Grooming and Daycare Release form HERE.  We will provide a copy to sign when you arrive. 

    In order to provide the best possible customer service, Jennifer will do an individualized and in-depth consultation with you about the unique grooming needs of your dog’s coat type and your preferences. We will work with you to assess your pet’s needs and highly recommend that we set with you a year-long, recurring, repeating schedule for most grooming appointments. While we will try to accommodate genuine emergencies when they might rarely arise for our regular customers, going forward Love Fur Dogs cannot guarantee that we can accommodate “walk-in” or last minute haircut requests. Set up your grooming schedule by calling 847-LUV-DOGS.

    First time customers at our grooming shop will be greeted by Jennifer, our Master Groomer, best scheduled in advance, to get a personalized consultation on your dog’s haircut and grooming needs. We have many wonderful grooming options, no matter the grooming needs or lifestage or breed of your dog.

    First, our VIP (Very Important Puppy) package – four visits, private consultation with Jennifer, our owner and Master Groomer, training for a lifetime of grooming, beginning at 8-10 weeks of age, every two weeks until 16 weeks of age, and a special VIP Certificate upon “graduation” – for only $100. We cannot stress enough the importance of early grooming training for a lifetime of happiness with any new puppy. We see a huge difference between puppies who have been through our VIP program, versus older puppies who come to us for the first time after 6 months of age, already often a matted mess, untrained for the grooming process. Then their first experience is traumatizing, setting them up for a lifetime of stressful and negative grooming experiences. START EARLY with professional grooming training with our bargain VIP program!

    We are one of the few grooming shops that allow owners to stay and accompany their pet for the entire groom, if there is a special concern that the owner thinks their presence would be in the best interests of their pets. We always want what is best for your pets, and unlike other grooming businesses, we have nothing to hide. We are the best.

    We believe that every dog deserves to be groomed, and we will do our best to welcome any dogs with special needs and get them groomed, in partnership with you, their owners, and seeking guidance from your veterinarian.

    We are known for being that grooming shop that will try to go that extra mile to brush out a matted coat, if your dog tolerates it, if you prefer the longer, fluffier look.

    No matter what, we will endeavor to give you the look and groom that you want for your dog. Please come prepared to tell us exactly what YOU want. We will give you all the benefit of our award-winning expertise to deliver the best groom possible for your dog.

    On your first visit, you will be asked to complete a release form to get your dog and family into our database. You should read this form thoroughly, and if you want to save time at your first check in, you can download the form and bring it with you already completed. Please allow about 10 minutes at least during your first intake to discuss your groom and tell us about your dog. You can also fill out the release form there in our lobby if you prefer not to bring it already completed.

    State of Illinois and Cook County regulations require us to collect the exact date (due dates as presented by your veterinarian) of your dog’s vaccines. You must produce the written proof of vaccinations either on paper from your veterinarian or in electronic form on your cell phone at your first visit.

    If you titer test your dog instead of vaccines, that documentation is an acceptable alternative in many cases. Please contact your veterinarian to get a copy of your records before your first visit.

    Our release form also covers authorizing emergency treatments for your pet, should that rarity become necessary.

    One somewhat unique aspect of the Love Fur Dogs experience is our incredible transparency. Owners can walk through our entire facility. Because you can easily see into our grooming area and be heard by your pet from our lobby, we DO ASK that you do not come to pick up your dog until our reception staff calls you to tell you that the groom is completed, or gives you a specific time out. In general, we tell owners to plan on most average dog grooms to last half a day (4-5 hours) but can make one or two faster grooms possible each day if you book ahead for an 8 a.m. time slot, and if you have a medical or behavioral reason why an earlier, quicker groom is best for your dog.

    Thank you for bringing your beloved dog to us for grooming!