• Dog Grooming

  • Grooming isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about feeling good! Regular grooming is vital to the health and well-being of every pet. Neglecting the grooming requirements of some breeds of dogs can even be life-threatening. Most dogs are groomed monthly because of the normal rotation of the skin layers, where lower layers of skin cells have risen to the surface and sloughed off. Dander and sebum (that dirty doggie smell) abound. Nails need to be trimmed and ears need to be cleaned monthly on all dogs as well.

    Our Professional Grooming Services include:

    • Thorough bathing (using the highest quality plant-based shampoos and healthy conditioners selected for the skin care needs of each particular dog)
    • A full hand blow dry that prevents shedding in your home
    • Deshedding
    • Dematting
    • Complete comb and brush out
    • Haircut or trimming with hand scissoring as appropriate for each breed
    • Nail trims
    • Ear cleaning
    • Tear Stain Area treatments
    • Blueberry Facials
    • Specialty and Spa shampoos and conditioners and skin therapies
    • Teeth brushing

    We also perform a 6-point well-being check on every dog:

    1. Skin and Coat
    2. Teeth and Gums
    3. Feet and Nails
    4. Ears and Eyes
    5. Tail and Rectal
    6. Parasites

    Groomers have their hands and eyes on every inch of your dog and will report back to you any matters that would be helpful for you to know when working in partnership with your Veterinarian for your beloved pet’s long term health and happiness.

    Call us anytime at 847-LUV-DOGS (847-588-3647) to book your appointment today!


    Additional Maintenance Options

    We offer, for example, deshedding and dematting/brush out programs that, for a flat low weekly fee:

    • $15/small
    • $20/medium large
    • $25/large
    • $30+/Giant dogs

    These regular popular, no-bath maintenance treatments help keep your home free of excessive dog or cat hair and your pet mat and tangle-free between full grooms. They keep your longer-haired dog from matting, and your Labrador or other double-coated breed from shedding all over your home.

    We Use Hand Scissor Techniques

    While many grooming experiences result in dogs getting shaved off (which is often NOT good for their coat and skin) we are Master Groomers who hand scissor or hand strip each breed to a gorgeous outline and fluffy, but practical, length of your specification. Most of all, our groomers are ARTISTS who know the breed standards and are up on the latest and best practices. We will help you choose a haircut or style that works best for you and your best friend. And we will never clip your dog down into a “smoothie”, unless you insist on it and it is medically necessary for the dog’s well-being. Your dog will not only look great, but will be more likely to stay healthy and feel great too. At the end of each groom, it always warms our hearts to see each dog run out to their families, prancing with pride because they know how great they look too!

    groom1Cost and Time Estimates

    We know your time and money are precious! Many customers ask how long will the groom take? How much will it cost? These questions always depend on the size and health of the dog, the coat, its condition, and most importantly, the behavior of each pet. Some dogs take more time than others of their breed. We work to never put undue stress on your pet. We walk and water every pet in our care at four hours.

    We usually cannot give you exact prices until we see the dog and can put our hands on it, though we can give average breed price ranges on the phone. The time involved can range from a few hours to all day for big dogs with lots of hair. Generally plan on the groom taking a half a day. We will call you on the phone you provide for us when we are about 15 – 20 minutes from being completed with the groom. That way you will never have to wait in our lobby for us to finish your pet’s groom and you won’t upset the pet before the groom is fully completed by showing up early. Because we constructed our facility to be very transparent to the grooming area, we ask that you not arrive early to pick up your four-legged best friend. Once they see or hear you in the lobby, we are generally not able to finish the groom on the excited pet.

    Special Accommodations for Grooming

    Our schedule will only accomodate “express” or accelerated time grooms, first thing in the morning at 8 a.m. We will do all we can to meet your schedule, but please plan on the groom taking a half a day – 4 hours approximately. We ask that you appreciate patiently the non-rushed, gentle, training hand that we use with all our grooms. Unlike other groomers, we take a long time to bathe and dry your pet for thoroughness and reduced stress. We do high quality, careful work – not an assembly line.

    Your dog will be under our direct care at all times. As soon after they arrive, they are placed in the tub for bathing, then they go under the dryer, and then on to our groomers’ tables. We call you 15 minutes before we are finished to get them back to you as soon as the groom is complete.

    Extremely geriatric dogs and very young puppies, and dogs with other serious health or behavior issues are always prioritized for a first in-out, or express groom. We offer this special appointment slot each morning at 8 a.m. for “Express Service” Grooming for the fastest possible in/out short time slot for grooming your dog with special needs. And we will call you well in advance of the completion of the groom so you can be there to pick them up as soon as they are finished, if you wish. We work VERY hard to take the very best care possible of all your beloved pets! We love them so much too!

    Making an Appointment

    Using our industry-leading PetExec software we will be able to provide cutting edge service for you. We will make sure your beloved pet gets some nice extra touches as well, such as bows or bandanas on request, a mid-groom walk, water or feeding. Just let us know what your pet needs. Call us anytime at 847-LUV-DOGS (847-588-3647) to book your appointment today!