• Services

  • Complete Grooming Services – Expert and loving grooming for all breeds of dogs, cats, and other small pets, under the careful hand of one of the only CMGs (Certified Master Groomer) in the region, and the first salon in the area to become American Kennel Club (AKC) Safety Certified. We use the highest quality natural healthy coat products, selected to care best for you pet’s unique coat and skin. We conduct a six-point well-being check on every pet, reporting any areas of concern for you to take to your Veterinarian. Our expertise in the ten different dog coat types, breed standards for hundreds of dog breeds, and our commitment to give you the groom you request, allows us to perform the perfect groom from nose to tail for all your dog’s needs. We are known especially for our hand-scissoring, hand-stripping, for those longer cuts that require more brushout. We are not a “shave-down” shop – we are Artists of the highest caliber and training. We attend professional conferences yearly and stay current on all the latest in information about the best in care for your dog.

    Therapeutic Spa Services – Love Fur Dogs is the only pet groomer or veterinary facility in hundreds of miles to have a Thera-Clean Microbubble machine, the gentle, natural, cutting edge technology that provides the deepest clean possible and therapy for skin problems. Jennifer is now trained and credentialed as a Skin and Coat Science aesthetician. With the world’s top line of therapeutic pet products, Jennifer and her staff can treat pet skin problems of all kinds. Local veterinarians are already referring clients to us for treatment. We have dramatically improved the skin of pets suffering from allergies, fungus, parasites, bacteria, excessive dryness or oilyness, skunks and more. 

    Cat Grooming Our Master Groomer Jennifer is a member of the PCGAA, the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America. And groomer Judy has over two decades in cat grooming. We prefer to reserve early mornings when it is quieter in the shop to groom our cats, in order to keep that calm environment in which our cat customers function best.

    Other Small Pets -We offer grooming services for other Pets: Birds wings clipped; clean and brush, and nail clips for Rabbits; Ferrets; Guinea Pigs; and other small animals, either in your home or in our shop. We often travel to your home to make house calls for the special needs of your special pet.

    Doggie Playcare Services – Leave your pet with us for the day or even a few hours while you work or run errands. In our new expanded large basement warehouse area we have large indoor open play area, a treadmill, lots of toys, two indoor potty yards, and spacious walk-around-in exercise pens and suites for care and comfort, some with special comfort bedding especially for our senior citizens. Our fun-loving and training-expert staff will play with the pups for lots of socializing and exercise! Dogs are supervised in groups where they all get along best. We offer special day and loving spa services such as a Doggie Treadmill for indoor exercise, supervised play and exercise.

    Pet Massage – Approximately every 6 weeks on a Saturday we are thrilled to have the services of the nationally certified Katie Mehrtens, of The Right Spot Pets Massage. Call us to set an appointment. 847-LUV-DOGS 

    Pet Taxi & House Call Services – Our Love Fur Dogs Pet Taxi will pick up and deliver your dog or cat from your home to our shop and back again for grooming services.

    Consulting – Our Master Groomer and Owner Jennifer will consult with you about what you need to know about your dog, bringing to the session her decades of experience. Jennifer is published in national grooming magazines, has shown, bred and trained dogs for years, and knows a lot that she can share with you. What is the best coat care regimen for your new puppy? How does your dog’s need change as it ages? What is the best approach for that skin condition? What should I be doing for home care? What if I want to home groom – will you teach me what I need to do? What is the “coat change” that happens in puberty? And how do I stop all these mats? Jennifer will spend time to you. And if she can’t help you, she will refer you to someone else excellent who can!

    Pet Supplies – We carry in our lobby only the BEST in nutrition for your dog, the highest quality dog foods, treats, frozen raw food, and healthy supplements. We also carry grooming products and other vital product for the well being of your Dog.