• What Our Name Means To Us

  • Love Fur Dogs is not just a cute name for our new business, it has a deep meaning for our family.

    I think all of us have personal stories that affirm what most human beings know to be true – that Love is the most important thing in the world. Most people when I tell them the name of our new business is going to be “Love Fur Dogs” they just break out in huge smiles and say “How Cute!”

    Nancy's-weddingMany Winnetka area residents know well some of the backstory about our family. Neighbors on the North Shore who have been here for a while will remember 24 years ago my sister Nancy Bishop Langert was murdered along with her husband Richard and her unborn child in their Winnetka townhouse by a “thrill”-seeking local teen who is now serving life in prison.

    My sister Nancy was joyously happy, pregnant with her first child, 25 years old, married to her beloved Richard. Their deaths changed my life in ways I could have never anticipate.

    Those who lived here back then will remember one particularly powerful end to this story.

    nancyandbillAfter Nancy was shot, she left us a message in her own blood. She drew a Heart and a “u” – LOVE YOU – before she died. We found her hand near the message – she did this as the very last thing she had the energy to do in her young life. She died leaving us this message.

    That message of love has changed and shaped my life every day since. It taught me to understand as I never had before that love is the most important thing in the world.

    When Nancy and Richard got married in 1987, my wedding gift to them was a puppy from a litter I had bred from my show Cocker Spaniel. They loved him so!

    His name was Pepsi. I groomed him for them regularly. Gorgeous dog.

    Pepsi was the only living thing in Nancy and Richard’s home to survive the murderous attack that evening. For the many years after that Pepsi lived, he was the canine lone survivor of Nancy’s new little family.

    Life is full of tragedy and triumph, sadness and joy. I met my wonderful husband because of their murder. My husband Bill’s son was also murdered – we met at a murder victims conference called “Healing the Wounds of Murder”. He wrote a book for crime victims that has made him very prominent in the field. The love we now share is very much wrapped up in everything we do.

    In the most special way this includes our love for dogs.

    Speaking-at-MLFI-rallyBill was a huge dog lover when we met and he was so happy to hear about my lifelong love for dogs and my career in animals. It was such a positive life affirming common interest we shared in sharp contrast to the sadness that brought us together initially.


    We are not the only people that have discovered the therapeutic nature of dogs in our lives. Bill and I have both done so much work for crime victims and against violence. What this new business means to us is now immersing ourselves in something very life-loving positive and affirming – our Love for Dogs.

    Our Love “FUR” Dogs.

    We wanted all of you to understand what this new business means to us, and we know you will see and feel for yourself how genuine our love for dogs is. Now you know a bit more about where this depth of love comes from. Trust me, it will show when you pick up your four-legged family friend from us!

    We dedicate Love Fur Dogs to the memories of our loved ones and to Pepsi, the beautiful Cocker Spaniel that was such a happy loving part of their family.