• Low Cost Weekly Coat Maintenance At Love Fur Dogs

  • DoodleLove Fur Dogs is committed to creating a grooming program for your beloved pet that is BEST for your dog, above all else. And what is best for your pet is to have his or her coat brushed and combed every week.

    But a trip to the groomer every single week for a full groom is beyond the reach financially for most pet owners. Actually a full bath, haircut, etc., each week is rarely needed for most dogs anyway. Still, every dog, no matter its coat type, benefits from some work on its coat each week.

    So we created, as part of our commitment to be the best and to offer the best to our beloved clients, the weekly low-cost coat maintenance program. It is a short session (usually 15-20 minutes, giving you just enough time to run errands at the conveniently located Walgreens next door!) that is extremely affordable. $10 for small dogs, or many short haired dogs. $15 for medium dogs or dogs with more coat. $20-$25 for larger and more heavily coated dogs (more if heavily matted). We wanted to set a price that would make it so attainable that it would actually pay the owner to take us up on this offer.

    Just vacuuming up the household rugs and upholstery after some big shedding dogs makes this maintenance program well worth doing!

    To be honest, this program is not a money-maker for us. Its a break-even proposition at best for us, giving some of our younger staff and our grooming students dogs to practice on. But we find it SO worth the pay-back! First, your dog comes to see us as a friend, not an every other month nightmare of pulling, tugging and dematting. Second, your dogs coat stays looking much better all the time in between full grooms. Third, those full grooms become much less traumatic to us as well because the dogs coat is not a matted mess, or in horrible shape.

    This coat maintenance program does not include a bath, ear cleaning or nail trimming, etc. But it is WELL worth doing, no matter your dog’s coat type.

    Wire-coated breeds that get handstripped are much better off being constantly “rotated” so that the old coat is constantly being pulled out and replaced with new, strong, hard coat. Double-coated breeds SHED HORRIBLY. These are the most common type of dog coat, such as short-double coated Labrador Retrievers, medium double-coated German Shepherds, long double-coated Collies, Shelties, and Samoyeds, Long coats such as Shih Tzus and Yorkies, Bearded Collies and Tibetans, all mat up seriously and easily. Weekly brush, and more importantly, COMB out, is essential for them. And the combination coated breeds like Golden Doodles and Labradoodles mat up the worst of  most kinds of dog. There isn’t a Doodle around that doesn’t required a very thorough weekly comb and brush.

    We have found that most of our really terrific clients (and we do have the BEST clients!) do like their dog’s hair generally kept on the longer side. Its better and more natural for the dog. Its better for weather insulation. Its lots more cuddly, and it looks better! All good reasons to keep more coat on your dog.

    But more coat means more combing and brushing and we are all busy people. Solution? Our Love Fur Dogs weekly coat maintenance program.

    Call us at 847-LUV-DOGS (847-588-3647) and lets discuss what works best for you.

    Remember if you don’t have time every week to bring your dog to us, we have another very low cost service – our Pet Taxi Pickup and Delivery service – which we hope will help set your dog up for the best, most affordable care possible!