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  • Hundreds of Groomers attending Jennifer’s Coat Types Workshop
    at GroomExpo 2019 Hershey, Pennsylvania

    Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins is redefining the Grooming Seminar universe with her academically rich PowerPoint presentations. Jennifer brings her 4 decades of dog experience, combined with 3 decades as an award-winning classroom high school and community college teacher in history and social sciences, to her grooming seminars. Jennifer’s audiences across the USA, and even globally, report that in many cases that her seminars were transformative for them as groomers – just completely career-changing in how content-rich and transformative they are.

    Her movement to STOP THE SHAVE DOWNS now has a Tee Shirt to educate groomers and dog owners about the correct care of the natural dog coat, in all its diversity . . . and to STOP all the unnecessary and damaging SHAVE DOWNS of dogs. Order the Tee Shirt on Bonfire HERE

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    Pet Groomers and Dog Lovers everywhere are raving about Jennifer’s academically rich grooming science-based seminars and webinars being presented at Groomers Conferences all across the country, even at WorldGroom. Email Jennifer at GroomersGuide@Gmail.com to set up a webinar or seminar for your group or event!

    And by popular demand, Jennifer is finally writing the book that so many in the industry are requesting – A Groomers Guide to the 15 Coat Types will be published hopefully in early 2021.

    Most of Jennifer’s webinars and seminars are linked on the Facebook Events page also linked above.

    Are you interested in hosting a private seminar or webinar for your workplace or organization or group? Contact Jennifer at GroomersGuide@gmail.com for more information. Or call her at 847-LUV-DOGS.

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