• Groomers Debut National Standards of Care

  • For the first time in history, leading pet groomers from all over the nation have painstakingly written and published a document outlining uniform national standards of pet care, safety and sanitation. Love Fur Dogs, as a member of International Professional Groomers, Inc., one of the authors of this historic effort, is fully embracing this leap forward in our industry. Our vocational school that teaches grooming will be teaching these standards.

    And in every way that we can, we will urge every single pet groomer in the nation to sign on, promising to live by these comprehensive basic principles.

    These standards are strictly voluntary – written by groomers, for groomers to embrace. I will be joining thousands of the best groomers in the nation in adhering to them every day!

    Read the standards below. Or download them here.


    I urge all pet owners to hold all pet groomers you hire to these standards. Ask them if they have signed on.

    This next part is very hard for me to say because I have a strong commitment to never speak ill of any other pet care professional – we are all colleagues in our beloved profession. Most everyone that works in this industry loves animals as much as I do and do their very best each day. But any groomer that does not adhere to these standards is not a groomer you should trust with your pet’s life.

    I cannot stress enough how what a significant development this is for pet groomers and pet owners who HIRE pet groomers.

    Most people are not aware that the grooming industry is one of the least regulated industries in the nation. There is NO groomer licensing and NO requirement that anyone who charges money to groom your pet has any specific training whatsoever.

    Most people are shocked to learn that there is nothing regulating the qualifications of the groomer that has been entrusted to care for your beloved family pet.

    All groomer certification, such as my Certified Master Groomer credential, is strictly voluntary and precious few groomers have it. Those that do voluntarily submit themselves to rigorous testing that the best groomers have created for our own industry will proudly display their credential.

    Imagine if doctors could practice medicine with only voluntary education and testing? What if lawyers and judges never had to go to school or pass any minimum assessment of their knowledge? What if police or fire officers only got trained when they wanted to?

    Even beauticians that cut people’s hair in Salons in every state in America attending hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours of training and have to pass state testing and licensing in every state in the nation.

    But not pet groomers.

    Love Fur Dogs is one of the few grooming shops that has only certified groomers working on your pet.


    Some states have begun to respond to a few highly publicized incidences of dog injury or death while in a grooming shop with legislative proposals to better regulate pet groomers, but so far none have passed into law as of this date.

    These standards are incredibly well-researched and should serve as the template for any state considering such regulations to our industry.

    In the meantime the good groomers will participate voluntarily, and your precious pet will reap the benefits.

    Staff Photo Dec 2015One more note: the standards only address safety, care, and sanitation. They do not even attempt to address how the dog’s hair should be cut, or what specific skills should be in executing the actual groom. The reasoning by the Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance was that grooming is as much ART as it is SCIENCE. And dogs, styles, breed standards, options for cuts based on the individual coat vary widely from dog to dog, or cat to cat, and situation to situation. There are literally too many variables to create standards of style.

    The only standards in the dog or cat’s appearance are those created by their breed clubs. Breed standards are descriptions of the ideal representation of the given breed. You can read the breed standard for any purebred dog at www.AKC.org. These should guide the groomer, especially if the owner has no other preferences. But haircuts and styles still vary widely based on owner preference and the dog’s condition.

    This means that pet owners and groomers should always start every grooming appointment with a clear conversation about what style the owner desires and the groomer informing the owner what style is possible given the condition of the dog’s coat. Communication is KEY!

    Thanks to all the industry leaders who worked for over a year to improve our industry so that your pet can have the best experience possible! At this website you can meet some of the grooming industry leaders who helped to lead this effort.