• A Groomers Guide

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    Information on Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins award-winning and highly acclaimed Groomers Guide programs and Seminars can now be found at http://www.groomersguide.com.

    Jennifer travels the nation, and conducts online webinars with sometimes even a global audience. Her highly acclaimed and unique seminars are for pet care professionals and pet owners and all pet lovers alike.

    Jennifer teaches the history, science, origins, applications and cutting edge research that is being done about dogs, and applies it for the pet care professional or the general public. Jennifer’s engaging speaking style and academically rich content, not usually found in a more practically focused grooming conference workshop, is stirring up lots of excitement. Many groomers who have seen it call it “life-changing” and others have pronounced that it should be “required for all who want to work with dogs.” Church and Library groups that have invited Jennifer to speak have reported outstanding audience excitement and approval of the engaging presentations.

    Contact Jennifer to find out how to bring this exciting seminar to your area! Its not just for groomers – these programs for any pet owner or pet care professional. You will understand dogs, your relationship to them, your history with them, what the scientists are finding out about them, in ways that you never thought possible.

    Call Jennifer at 847-LUV-DOGS or email her at GroomersGuide@gmail.com for more information.